• Payment is to be made in full for the contract term at the commencement of the rental period via Windcave secure online payment by credit card or bank transfer.
    • If the rental contract is renewed, payment is required in full for the complete term of the selected hire period.
    • No refunds are given if the instrument is returned prior to the expiry of the rental contract.
    • All prices are inclusive of GST.
    • No refunds are issued unless the instrument is returned at the request of MIRA prior to the rental period expiring.
    • Normal delivery time is expected anywhere from 5 to 7 business days.
    • In the event of a defect of the instrument, the Hirer shall forthwith advise MIRA who will arrange to have the instruments returned for inspection, repaired, and returned/replaced: NB: this does not cover damage or expendable accessories such as strings, reeds, etc.
    • In the event of damage, the hirer must immediately advise MIRA with a detailed description of the damage and how the damage occurred. Any repair costs associated with misuse or carelessness will be charged back to the hirer.
    • All repair work must be organized by MIRA and through an authorized MIRA repair technician.
    • The Hirer is responsible for ensuring the instrument for fire and theft. The agent will ascertain prior to the hireage of the instruments it’s value and the Hirer’s Insurance Company’s name, Policy Number and expiry date.
    • The Hirer shall exercise all prudent care and caution in handling, storage and carriage of the instrument and shall take all reasonable and prudent steps to avoid damage to or loss of the instrument. Should the hirer fail to do so, then the hirer shall be liable to the MIRA/Music Ways Ltd (otherwise known as “the Owner”) for any damage to or the loss of the instrument, not exceeding the value of the instrument as stated herein, together with the Contract price.
    • The instrument remains the sole property of the MIRA/Music Ways Ltd. If the instrument is to be kept at any other address than that of the Hirer, the Hirer shall promptly notify the Owner. The Owner, Agent or other servants shall be entitled to inspect or recover possession of the instrument and for that purpose the Hirer gives irrevocable leave and licence to the Owner, Agent or other servants to enter other premises as notified.
    • All instruments are supplied with the required accessories for playing and basic maintenance of the instrument.
    • Additional replaceable accessories including (but not limited to) replacement reeds, strings, drum sticks are the responsibility of the hirer.
    • All non-expendable accessories including (but not limited to) neckstraps, keyboard stands, ligatures, mouthpieces, bows, shoulder rests, power adaptor’s, bags and cases must be returned in good condition at the completion of the hire contract. Failure to do so will incur charges for replacement.
    • The Hirer agrees to have a further three months billed to their credit card and a new Agreement posted (or existing contract extended) if this instrument and accessories are not returned to the Agent within one week of the date of termination.
    • Agent or Owner has the right at any time not to lease an instrument to any party whatsoever. The Agent or Owner does not have to give a reason for refusal.
    • Before the expiry of the contract term, the hirer will be notified by email. They will be given the option to Purchase, Re-Hire or Return the Instrument.
    • The Purchase price is Automatically generated based on the history of the instrument including age and how many times it has been rented.
    • The Hirer may Re-Hire their instrument, the rental length may be altered at this point to one of the five term options on offer.
    • Returns will be arranged by MIRA via courier, the request to return must be advise prior to the expiry of the contract.
    • In the event no option to purchase, re-hire or return has been advised by the hirer, the contract will roll-over based for the same term of the previous contract term.
    • MIRA reserves the right to require the return of any rental instrument at any time for any reason.
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