"MIRA Musical Instrument Rental Terms and Conditions"

    • Payment is to be made at the commencement of the rental period or upon delivery of the instrument, whichever soonest occurs, by cash, cheque or credit card payable to the Owner and delivered to their Agent.
    • In the event of damage to or defect in the instrument or any requirement to adjust or alter the instrument other than normal tuning, the Hirer shall forthwith deliver the instrument to the Agent for repair: NB: this does not cover strings, reeds etc requiring replacement during the hire period.
    • The Hirer is responsible for insuring the instrument. The agent will ascertain prior to the hireage of the instruments value and the Hirer’s insurance Company’s name, policy number and expiry date.
    • The Hirer shall exercise all prudent care and caution in handling, storage and carriage of the instrument and shall take all reasonable and prudent steps to avoid damage to or loss of the instrument. Should the hirer fail to do so, then the hirer shall be liable to the Owner for any damage to or the loss of the instrument, not exceeding the value of the instrument as stated herein, together with the Contract price.
    • The Hirer agrees to have a further three months or annual rental billed to their credit card and a new Agreement posted (or existing contract extended) if this instrument and accessories are not returned to the Agent within one week of the date of termination.
    • If the instrument is not returned within 5 business days of the return date, you will be charged a late penalty fee of $5.00 per day, for each day the instrument remains un-returned.



  1. Returning an instrument
    1. If an instrument is returned after 14 days of it's paid rental period ending; the customer will be required to pay the standard rental rate for each day the instrument was overdue from the end of the rental period. This payable item will be displayed in the customers shopping cart after logging in.
    2. If an instrument is returned before the end of the rental period; no credit will be provided unless the instrument was returned at the request of MIRA.
  2. School Year Rentals
    1. Instruments hired for the 'School Year' are despatched by courier for delivery prior to the school year starting in February.



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